Day 12: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

I cheated a little on this one. I knew exactly what I would write about today. Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. But while I anticipated the topic, I’m still unsure how I’m going to pour my heart out while respecting my husband’s privacy. Let me give it a try.

Today I’m thankful for the man who has been there through it all. I’m thankful he is the husband who has willingly remained by my side, even through some really serious shit. I’m thankful he accepts all that I have brought to our marriage, even the not-so-great “could do without that,” stuff. And I’m grateful he trusts me enough to bring his full self to our marriage, too. I’m grateful for his honesty and willingness to acknowledge the imperfections in our marriage and in our humanity. I’m grateful he respects the differences between his humanity and mine. I’m grateful for his character, his sense of humor and his genius. I’m grateful for his gentleness. I’m grateful for his unshakable instincts to protect his family and his driving compassion to help those in need. I’m grateful for our conversations about some of life’s most interesting and important facets. I’m grateful that he stops and returns my random hugs in the kitchen and I’m grateful for his occassional hand on my back while we drift off to sleep at night. I’m grateful for the children we share together. I’m grateful for the life we have built together. I’m oh so grateful for these twenty years.

Photo by Megapixelstock from Pexels

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