“Pivot. Pivot. Pivot!”

I’m thinking about a planning meeting I attended last night. We’re running a community event tomorrow. Our group leader was reporting back on some last-minute items, and I noticed she kept circling back to one issue. It was evident to me that she was really worried about playing background music through a Bluetooth speaker duringContinue reading ““Pivot. Pivot. Pivot!””

Trust Yourself

This week will live in infamy. It’s actually been more like the last month. But this week has been unique because I knowingly made a series of unfortunate decisions that complicated my life and the lives of my family members. And made lots of messes. Literal. Messes. Between one of my children and I, weContinue reading “Trust Yourself”

The Familiarity of Grief

It’s the same every time. The news is delivered. My mind reels and spins and pivots, and this new information just bangs into nondescript barriers inside my brain. I can actually feel the information bounce around inside my head. Then my jaw drops and my eyes sting with tears and my throat starts to close.Continue reading “The Familiarity of Grief”

The Moment of Decision

On a recent Sunday morning, I was enjoying the quiet house before everyone started creeping from their bedrooms. I was mindlessly scrolling through social media while my thoughts drifted toward the day’s priorities. Those priorities included visiting family, intentional play with the kids, meal prep, feeding my soul, feeding my mind, and my daily strengthContinue reading “The Moment of Decision”

Day 15: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

What an amazing experience this #gratitudewritingchallenge has been! I am calling this challenge a complete success. I can’t believe it was only 14 days long. Lord, Almighty, it feels like an eternity! Honestly, it feels like I’ve been writing these daily gratitudes for months. And it seems impossible that what I gained from this exerciseContinue reading “Day 15: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 14: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

I’m down to only two days left of this #gratitudewritingchallenge so even though I’m looking forward to finally meeting and moving on from this obligation, I’ve actually found myself rationing my gratitudes today, trying to choose which one I most want to write about. (No one better dare suggest I extend this challenge!) Then, suddenlyContinue reading “Day 14: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 13: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

A few years ago I learned how effective and restorative two small actions can be: 1. Pausing, and 2. Breathing. In an argument or when you’re frustrated with a situation and even when you’re in physical pain, simply pausing to focus on your breathing creates enough space in the situation for negative energy to escapeContinue reading “Day 13: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 12: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

I cheated a little on this one. I knew exactly what I would write about today. Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. But while I anticipated the topic, I’m still unsure how I’m going to pour my heart out while respecting my husband’s privacy. Let me give it a try. Today I’m thankful for theContinue reading “Day 12: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 11: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

I got up early yesterday morning to write my daily gratitude post while everyone was still asleep and the house was quiet. Then I hopped onto my phone and perused my Facebook feed for a few minutes. I came across a friend’s post asking us to share our favorite songs. I love anything with musicContinue reading “Day 11: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 10: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

Do you ever sit in line at the car wash and think about the people in developing countries who would be in shock to see such a thing? Huge populations of people face water shortages or no clean water at all or they have to carry water for miles in buckets just to meet theirContinue reading “Day 10: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”