Evolutionary Thinking

I don’t know about you, but my life didn’t follow the trajectory I thought it would and I can’t say I know many people whose life went according to their plan. Because life usually has its way with us, most people eventually find themselves at a crossroads. I like to describe it as an individual’s own evolution. Much like a frog’s, the human life cycle is made up of various stages. In each stage, we have different abilities and objectives. And, like frogs, we transition from one stage or phase to another. Also like frogs, even though we all go through different stages of life, there are similarities and differences between us.

It’s common for people to find a second, or even a third, career – sometimes by choice, sometimes by circumstances. As children become more independent, some parents consider joining or re-entering the workforce and may not know exactly what they want to do or how to do it. Retirees can feel a little lost after reporting to work for decades. A change in any routine and a shift in focus or purpose can feel unsettling.

I’ve supported numerous women as they’ve transitioned to different phases of their lives. I’ve supported them as they rediscovered themselves and found clarity in their core values, identity and desires. I find that a lot of women develop a desire to unlearn and relearn a lot during mid-life. Some want to know “what’s next” for them. Many simply want to get to know themselves and how to live with purpose. These are exciting life phases and I’m truly honored to be part of their journey. (Note: While I work primarily with women and I’m most experienced with women, I’m certainly willing to work with anyone as long as we both feel like it’s a good fit.)

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