Day 9: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

I went to bed last night and woke up this morning giving gratitude for our village. This is a common occurrence and I’ve written about our village previously in other writing communities. We have been and continue to be very blessed with an abundance of deeply caring and committed family, friends, childcare providers, Cub ScoutContinue reading “Day 9: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 8: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

Oh, I was so close to saying seven days of writing was enough! I really considered throwing in the towel early. But I have a hunch these next seven days of pushing through when the commitment is getting more difficult might be where the real magic happens. Writing daily for the last week has alreadyContinue reading “Day 8: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 7: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

It was hard to choose which gratitude to write about today, but I ultimately landed on middle-aged womanhood. I. Absolutely. Love. It! I’m calling it, the “age of enlightenment.” 🙂 And how grateful am I that I have lived into my 40s to experience this glorious stage of my life! Someone reached out to meContinue reading “Day 7: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 6: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

Yesterday was a big day because Sue Monk Kidd publicly told every woman who ever second-guesses her story’s worth to get over it and embrace our SELVES. I was like, “Hell to the yeah, Sue! Sing it, girl!” For context (and because I cannot say it any better than Sue), here’s exactly what she said:Continue reading “Day 6: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 5: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

Short & sweet. Today I’m grateful for our kid’s pediatrician. I’m surprised he doesn’t join us for Thanksgiving because he has been with us through it all! He has been our kids’ beloved pediatrician for almost 14 years and we are so grateful for his excellent care and attention over the years. I don’t knowContinue reading “Day 5: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 4: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

In the last couple of years, I’ve consciously avoided using absolutes. I’m a firm believer that nothing is all good or all bad. I’ve noticed this is coming out in my gratitudes. I seem to genuinely have mixed feelings about almost everything I’m grateful for. Ha! Today is no different. I have a love-hate relationshipContinue reading “Day 4: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 3: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

My best friend has been listening to me for weeks talk about how grateful I am for the support of the team I’ve lined up to get my health back on track. Much like the g-tube situation, while I’m very grateful to be in a position where I can afford to pay all the peopleContinue reading “Day 3: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 2: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

One of my sons has a MIC-KEY button (feeding tube). He’s had it for about 8 years now. Even though it’s hard to admit to myself, let alone everyone else, I’m going to be completely honest and tell you I love it and I absolutely hate it. Ultimately, I am undeniably grateful for it. I’veContinue reading “Day 2: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

Day 1: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

Writing is how I process. Writing for public consumption is how I practice vulnerability. Allowing others to see my perspective and insight and inviting challenges to my perspectives remains one of the most effective avenues of my personal growth. I’ve felt the need to get back to writing (er processing) and it struck me todayContinue reading “Day 1: #GratitudeWritingChallenge”

You Make A Difference.

No matter what your job title or familial role is, your birth order, your social circle, or your religious views, you make a difference in the lives of others. Every day. With your presence and in your absence. And you will likely never realize how many lives you touched by the time you leave thisContinue reading “You Make A Difference.”