Day 5: #GratitudeWritingChallenge

Short & sweet.

Today I’m grateful for our kid’s pediatrician. I’m surprised he doesn’t join us for Thanksgiving because he has been with us through it all! He has been our kids’ beloved pediatrician for almost 14 years and we are so grateful for his excellent care and attention over the years.

I don’t know how many patients he sees but I guarantee it’s a lot. Yet he knows our whole family’s history (even mine and my husband’s) and takes nothing at face-value. And he jokes about it in stride! 🙃 Granted, we’re the odd ones, the family who is hard to forget due to our interesting medical history, but it still amazes me how he manages care for one child while taking their siblings’ conditions into consideration. In this way he’s very cautious but never dramatic. He takes the time to explain what he would normally do in a situation and why he’s not going to do that for us. Ha! I love that! I appreciate that about him.

I’m so grateful for him and for his entire team.

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