To Hell and Back, Part 2: Crash and Burn

Continued from Part 1. ER trips and ambulance rides to treat hypoglycemia and adrenal crises were routine for us during that time. The night before we were to leave for Colorado was no different. He ended up vomiting which led to hypoglycemia. Luckily there was no hospital admission this time only fluids and high doses ofContinue reading “To Hell and Back, Part 2: Crash and Burn”

To Hell and Back: Part 3, Rising From the Ashes

Click to read Part 1 and Part 2. The following 18 months or so after returning from Colorado continued to be very difficult. We almost lost him numerous times. The ambulance rides and hospital admissions seemed like they would never end. But they did. Things gradually improved as we worked very closely with his specialistsContinue reading “To Hell and Back: Part 3, Rising From the Ashes”

To Hell and Back, Part 1

As promised, I’ve finally gathered the energy to recap the trip to Colorado that nearly did my family in and explain how it relates to me seeing Adele this summer (part 3). As I write this, my children are safe in their beds sleeping peacefully as if it never happened. The younger one doesn’t evenContinue reading “To Hell and Back, Part 1”

Wind Therapy

It was a particularly stressful day at the office. It wasn’t just me; I think there was something in the air. Everyone kept making these dramatic exasperated noises (grunts, sighs, groans) like we were all about to die. Or kick something. Or someone. Lately, I’ve been trying various forms of artistic expression when I’m stressed (a.k.a., art therapy)Continue reading “Wind Therapy”