[Tumblr original] Becoming “That” Family

Since I last wrote a post of my own, my world has been flipped upside down, turned inside out, and re-positioned on a Tilt-A-Whirl. Number Two was diagnosed in June with additional, quite serious health problems, one of them a chronic, life-threatening (although not directly life-shortening) illness. My world, and that of my entire family, has been dramatically altered forever. Even now, as we settle in to our new “normal,” the reality that our lives have been forever changed is starting to set in. I keep telling people, “I can’t believe we’re that family.” That family whose friends and family bring them meals and mow their lawn and clean their house. That family who spends countless days and nights apart during hospital stays.That family who plugs away one day at a time wondering if their child/brother will live into his teens or his thirties or his nineties.

It’s interesting to look back at previous posts, especially the ones from years back, and see how they contrast my life today. Interesting indeed. 

It is my hope that as the dust starts to settle, I will be able to post more often again. Although I can guarantee numerous cathartic ramblings in the future, my hope is to illustrate that life always goes on one way or another. Retreating and/or denying recent events is simply not an option. So I would still like to post our family’s weekly menus (eh, hem… once I start using them again) like I had last mentioned back in March (OMG! MARCH!), only they will now be dairy-free. I hope to write frequently about humorous moments in my life. I plan to write about my remarkable boys and their struggles and their triumphs, which will no doubt provide plenty of opportunities for those humorous moments to write about.

I will write about what I know and feel, and I am not ashamed to bare it all.

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